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Monday, January 31, 2011

Busy Day

I know I should've posted yesterday, according to the new alternate-day routine that has replaced my everyday routine. But it was such a busy day that I didn't have time to come to my PC for the whole morning and afternoon. In the morning, after waking up a little late (give me a break, it's still Sunday!) I readied myself and went to the Bidhan Chandra Institution to answer the National-level Science Talent Search Examination organised by the Unified Council, Hyderabad. Hope I make the achievers' list this year too.
The test ended at 12 noon, and we left the building five minutes later; it took me another five to get home. Then after bathing, lunch, and reading the newspaper, I went to the Mangolik hotel where the Durgapur classes of Shrutinandan, my singing school, are held. Class was from 2:30 pm to four, after which I came back home, freshened up, and then sat at my PC.
It doesn't take me very long to check my Gmail, Blogger updates and in-game messages on Travians. Once I was done with that, I began prep-working on my school project, which is tomorrow (1st Feb). We are supposed to make a nature magazine, and it's taking extra work because the the teacher isn't allowing us to bring the pages printed and assemble them. We can take print-outs, but we must cut them out and assemble them there. What a waste of time!
Given all the above, I hope I can be forgiven my delay in posting, especially because I am going to post two consecutive days to make up. Cheers!


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