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Turn It Up.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Farewell; plus Studying for exams

Today the students of class 9 bid farewell to the outgoing class 10 students. The outgoing batch came dressed up, mostly in saris and they all looked good. We heard the 9th and 10th students enjoying in the hall. We 8th graders were supposed to take care of the school while things went on there. This time's farewell got us thinking. Next year our turn to plan a farewell for our seniors. And next to next year our turn to leave school. As much as I hate this school...
Anyway, the final exams are near. Good thing we have a whole 100-mark paper instead of it being broken into two unit tests of 20-80 or 10-90. Anyway the chapters are repeated, so why not do it all at once? The only non-100 papers are where we have projects/practical work. Most probably we'll have a 10 or 20-mark practical in Biology; and 20-mark projects in EE and Computer. The Computer Project is done, EE to go. Speaking of Environmental Education (yes, that's what it is), we are so lucky. The stupid idea of including EE in the Board syllabus has been abandoned in the revised syllabus, which begins with our batch! No EE from next year. No EE! In addition to no GK, no EE! I'm rejoicing. We all are. Poor seniors. On the downside, starting three years before us, the Shakespeare play in English was changed from Julius Caesar to As You Like It. Crap.
Back to this year, I've started studying (oh, hell) and have hardly made any progress. In Chemistry, I'm done with Metals, Electrolysis; and Hydrocarbons is quite easy and will be done soon. I'm worried more about the chapters being repeated from first term. In History, I've finished Birth And Advent Of Islam, started with the Renaissance. Have 5 more chapters in History (worried about) and 2 in Civics (not worried about). Our teachers have been darlings enough not to repeat old chapters in History. Physics has a whole load of repetition and I haven't made any headway. Biology... don't wanna talk about it. More than knowing stuff, the 'way of writing' and stupid formats matter more in it. Maths is ok, no rote-learning there, same with English Language. English Literature, do later. EE and GK, manage somehow. Bengali Lit., memorizing poems only headway. Lang., same (some poems we need to know for summarization exercises and stuff). Gotta go study history. 
Oh, hell, just let me go to class 9, please!!!

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