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Monday, January 24, 2011

The Winter Dusk Blue

My semi-transparent blog background (thanks, Blogger!) allows me to change the feel and mood of my blog while maintaining my favourite falling leaves. Till date I had only tried the lightest default shades of the main template colours. Now I have decided to venture into darker shades, and experiment with the effect they have on the presentation of my blog.
As winter begins to show the tell-tale signs of goodbye, I sometimes feel like hanging on; not to the toasty sunshine, for it will be the last thing to go as spring bridges the leap to summer, but to the cold evenings after the early sunsets, when a dark, uniform blue stares back at me when I stare up into the cloudless sky. Imposing yet soothing, I forget that it is the fore-bearer of the dark when it inspires me into the thoughtful, poetic mood that I enjoy being in.
Isn't it nice?
This face of the sky won't be seen for many more days; as the weather grows warmer, the monsoon winds will once again turn onshore and the evenings won't have any more cloudless skies. Paying tribute to that silky, comforting, blue that makes my winter day as the light rapidly fades, my blog's background this time is a two shades darker version of the default blue. And of course, shaken by the wind that blows from the riverine plains out to the sea, the last few leaves fall, marking the onset of the tropical winter's homeward journey and announcing that spring has already set foot in this direction.


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