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Turn It Up.


Version 2.2
The LoudSpeaker is not a themed collection of things that will blow your mind, nor a corpus of life-changing advice or gut-ripping humour. It simply serves as a dumping ground for anything that is a) happening around me, b) happening to me or c) happening inside my head, which I would like to rant about. It also includes collections of my creative writing and art. As of lately, it is also my canvas for testing out the HTML and CSS that I'm trying to learn online. Overall the blog is a representation as well as a documentation of my learning curve as a student and as a person. Interactions with others through this blog is meant to be built on the striking duality of free expression and anonymity made possible by the internet. My intention is to welcome one and all without judgement, without attachment, and with respect and human love. I appreciate communication from like-minded people along private channels and social network. Information in this regard is provided below.

Twitter: Ankita (@TheLoudSpeakr)
Facebook: Ankita Sarkar
Google+: Ankita Sarkar

If this is your first time here, you may take a look at the ReadMe page if you want an explicit version of my social expectations on this blog. The page also contains some info that will help new readers to catch up. Meanwhile, do look at my work and at how far I have come with this blog (you may have noticed that this page itself is in its modified second version); and of course, do leave me your thoughts.


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