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Turn It Up.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

I See Orange...

The background of this blog is something simple, chosen from the stuff provided by Blogger. It's the falling maple-leaf background, the maple-leaf being one of my favourites. I also chose a transparent themed background that had no colours except white. So the background colour I choose shows through, along with the leaves in white.
Present background in the lightest defaults
I change the colour of this background depending on my moods, and changes in this blog. I usually choose from the lightest shades of all the colours on this template. Sometimes I choose blue, matching the title; sometimes green, matching the tabs, or a cute pink if I'm feeling exceptionally girly. Once I chose yellow: it looked exceptionally pretty especially when viewed along with that ShabbyBlogs jewel I have. Few days ago, I changed the green to blue, as it not only looked good with the title but also alongside the blue wallpaper thumbnail in the then latest post. It also looked cool and wintry, especially near the bottom of the blog.
All things orange and beautiful
Today, it's the coldest day in sometime. Though I never need woollens, I can feel the nip (others call it a chill :D ) in the air. My blog looked like it was shivering, so I made the background orange to add some warmth to it. It looks cosy and snug, like a sitting in the toasty afternoon sun of a tropical winter and peeling oranges, brushing the sourer ones in some salt, and popping them into your mouth. Yes, oranges are my favourite winter fruit. That makes their namesake colour a more appropriate choice for winter.
Also, the colour it matches well with the little orange bit in the title picture, and also with the picture of Janell and her kids. Another reason for the orange is that I attempted to think up some creative titles for the gadgets on the blog, which had suffered title-lessness for long, and my gadget titles are orange. All in all, I'm in a mood for orange now, so this background colour's gonna stay around for some time.
Is it a coincidence that Blogger's logo is orange and white?


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