Sunday, August 25, 2019

Logic, Automata and Games

Grayscale Man (?)

As happy as a bee,
As busy as a tree,
I have it in me
To be fair and free;
I have it in me
To belong to one,
To belong to all,
To be strong and tall,
To be smart and small;
And they don't trust me
But you do --
So you must know
I have it in me
To build you a wall :
It'll keep you safe,
It'll keep you brave.
I'll keep you safe,
I'll keep you brave,
But if you love me
Please do love
The things I build
More selfishly --
My aqueducts;
My every shrine;
My wall to hold
All that is mine,
That keeps me safe,
That keeps me brave,
That helps me heal,
That helps me save.
I've got to love
This wall I've got :
In all the world,
It's all I've got.
But if you cannot
Love my wall
I fear I'll hate it
After all.

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Poofs and Hypes


A concrete corner's my new friend.
The corner sits at a corridor's bend --
A bit too far from the sweeping tree,
Too close to men to be truly free.
It patiently counts its youngish days
As shrub and earth go their own ways.
When rain falls, it shirks in fear;
Never before has it been near
To something that so freshly gives
To all that, like this corner, lives
Only when it's looked upon.
The rain then fills the muddy lawn;
Seeps through gravel, wets the leaf,
Gives the tired men relief;
Pools along the garden's end;
Splashes along my concrete friend
That, by now, is a steadfast bank
To muddied water in a fleeting tank
Where raindrops plop and plink and play
And make a tired student's day;
Rising to the rain and storm
So fresh and cold and yet so warm.
That corner called to colder rain,
To wetter, softer, older pain.
That corner, with its broken art
Took my thoughts, and took my heart.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Some Colours Were Shown

Vegetarian Man


Make and break
The promise of green.
Hurt only where
You have seen
Your likeness -- harsh,
And much unlike
Those you spare;
Them, more of hair
And less of arm;
Those to whom
You mean no harm.
Your heart fills
With great compassion!
Human women
Are out of fashion
(Unless of course
They are white)
What's left of you
You think it's right.
Hearken then
To heroes proud,
Hateful podcasts
From the cloud,
Digital diaries,
Cashless purse,
All by softness
That you curse.
All by truth
But you hate proof
Born of womb
Son of hoof.


Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Concrete should have its own label by now

This is a sequel to an older semi-serious bilingual attempt about the same beloved Ledge.

Ledge দুই

Ledge-কে আমি সেদিন পেলাম আবার একা,
অনেকদিনের পুরানো-কে আবার দেখা|
উড়ল যারা আমার সাথে হেসেছিল​,
উড়ল যারা নতুন ভালবেসেছিল​|

অন্যদিকে উঁকি মেরেও দেখেছিলাম --
বুক ভর্তি কান্না নিয়ে বসেওছিলাম​|
কিন্তু তাকে Ledge বলে যেই ডাকতে গেছি,
উড়িয়ে দেওয়া ভালবাসা কুড়িয়ে পেলাম​ :

The Ledge is আবার ঘুমিয়ে প​ড়া ছোট্ট খুকি,
The Ledge is আবার রঙ-চ​ড়ানো উঁকিঝুকি,
The Ledge is আবার ক্ষুধার্তকে ভুলিয়ে রাখা,
The Ledge is আবার মন​-হেঁয়ালি মিষ্টি-মাখা;

The Ledge is আবার cloud-এ ভাসা maturity --
হারিয়ে ফেলেও রেখে দেওয়ার disparity;
The Ledge is আবার অমানুষে মানুষ করা,
জন্তুমানব খুঁজে পেতে রাতের ছড়া|

Ledge-কে আমি বিলিয়ে দিলাম তাদের হাতে,
ঘুমপাড়ানি গান জরুরি যাদের রাতে|
এই পুরানো​ Ledge আর আমার না-ই বা থাকে!
আমার দেওয়া নামেই তাকে সবাই ডাকে|

Friday, September 21, 2018

Growing Up Sucks

Childhood Hence

Lights and sounds, they're wearing thin --
Lowly dim, or lonely din.
Things I knew go unrevised,
All my rules now supervised,
The steps are old, the grass is new,
There's ghosts and trees, but no Scooby-Doo.

Limitless could still be love!
Silent lies from stars above
End the day that had begun
In sunrise now gone pale and wan.
The wilderness, not of my choice;
Nor tales I tell with stifled voice,
Nor new fingers on my head,
Nor too few deities for my bed;

Not my concrete, not my pets
Nor my speculations, bets,
Gambles, scrambles, rhyming words,
Nightly fare, nor nightly birds,
Nor new children, iron willed,
Nor new livestock, hefty billed.

Diverging rays, convergent shine,
Indulgence theirs, no longer mine --
Useful new in armour old
Knows too well how drinks get cold.
All of me now deathly named,
I step into a life untamed;
No longer mine, the frontier edge.
Know your future, guarded ledge!

Monday, September 3, 2018

Season Five : Victual

April 2018.


You have your birdsong, and I
Have the yellow flowers
Against the free blue sky.
You've got them concrete towers, though
And weird concert voices.
I wish when Armageddon came
We'd made different choices.

Sunlight's washing my grey world,
Colours dance beneath.
Curled up in your blurry world
At long last, you breathe.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Season Four : Factual

Around April 2018.


The sky is awfully blue --
I could've known
There's something wrong with you.
Not a cloud in sight.
I just might
Never come back home.
When they pictured hell,
They imagined
How we slowly fell;
But in tales of heaven,
Then what even
Did they mean?

Nature, nature, lovely creature,
Fell beasts in your arms;
Careful, careful, you're too beautiful --
All the world is yours!
I would say a million prayers
To your selfish god,
Fly away into the sun
If the wings were yours.
So show me the right of way
You alone can see;
Light up the red carpet
Of your festivity;
Layer up all your dreams
Then slow reveal, striptease.
You alone can smell
Your lonely, lonely sea.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Season Three : Annual


Written ~March 2018


I shooed and screamed at clouds; I hoped
They were not here to stay --
I took great pain to make it rain
When they'd gone away.

But my earth, it scorched and burned,
The dust engulfed it all;
Sandstorms swept up all around me,
Making me feel small.

And when the scornful cloud returned, oh
How it loved to gloat.
The conquered dust became a bog,
With wretched me afloat.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Season Two : Gradual

The second poem in that series from last year. This one was written around Sept-Oct 2017.


The day my body wastes away
And no one speaks for me,
Tell them of the good old days
And the good you saw in me.

Tell them of the soul untouched
That sold itself to pain;
Tell them of the wretched dance
In stinging seaside rain;

Tell them of the hungry tales
By naked fireside told;
And, bit by bit, the smokescreen built
You and me to hold.

Before they cut me open,
Immortal hope to serve,
Take a while from jewelled life
And futures you deserve

To tell them all our secrets --
Each one but how you knew
That as Lucifer loves a sin
So did I love you.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Season One : Vertical

This is the series I wrote over the past year that I debated whether or not to post. I have finally decided to put it out there -- despite this not being my better work, I have tried my hand at a new type of content and would like to receive feedback.

This particular poem was written around March-April 2017.


The door was open through the night,
I slept on a side of the bed;
Yet he did not think to rest
Beside my sleepy head.

In the deepest slumber, I
Spread out a waiting arm;
But, all night, I did not feel
His breathing, soft and warm.

My throat was sore, my eyes were red
From battles yet to fight.
Salvation slept but floors below
Through my darkest night.

Losing myself like I'm wont,
I could have used a hug
But he was happy with his book
And magic coffee mug.

He asked if I would be upset
If he went out with friends!
He does not know I miss him more
When the party ends.
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