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Turn It Up.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy New Month

Ah well. So the official period for which you can be forgiven for putting down the previous year instead of the current one is over. Till next 31st December, writing 2010 instead of 2011 will be a crime. And it should be, for the same reason Malawi is considering the criminalization of farting: because we need 'mould a responsible and disciplined public'. Not a bunch of idiots who make mistakes in dates. Or on dates. Or while eating dates, for that matter.
That said, the fact that doesn't have a comforting reason trailing behind is that as soon as 2012 comes along, writing '10 for '11 won't be a crime any more; the action of writing '11 for '12 will fill the position vacated, receiving therewith, all associated benefits and entitlements. Another comfort-less (uncomfortable?) fact is that at this moment, replacing '12 with '11 inadvertently will not be considered anything more than a tiny mistake. So, the only mistake made criminal is the one concerning the present year. (or ? or ! if you so wish).
Drab, I know.
While some may interpret this extremely concentrated focus on the present as lack of respect for the past and  lack of long-sightedness, many others will consider this to be one of the things happening right in this god-forsaken society and argue that the past and the future deserve less attention, being as out of our control as they are. Not that the present is always in our control (depends on how small a time interval you consider 'now', that is delta t, says Physics... never mind); but it is surely much more tame than the past and the future. Thus the obsession with accuracy when it comes to the present, and the flippancy when it is the past's or the future's turn.
Being a rather philosophical soul, I feel like agreeing with the second group, but my logical side stops me. Damn it, a year is too wide a time interval! You can't control it! You can't consider it the present! And there, as usual I'm on neither side, and both sides have their guns levelled at me. At least that way I actually prevent disputes and unify people; makes me feel good about myself in an alter-ego superhero kind of way, sigh.
Coming back to the Delta T Dispute: though my inability to come to a decision irritates me to no end, I shall turn optimistic for now and plead to remind everyone that the January relaxation is a welcome breath of fresh air, and a temporary compromise good enough for people like me to live with. Let's not forget that the past is history, the future is a mystery, and the present is a gift; and like Master Oogway (turtle in Kung-fu Panda, remember?) very wisely added, that is why it is called the 'present'.
And yes, like Spiderman once said, with great power comes great responsibility... oh wait, that's off topic.


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