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Turn It Up.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

But I Kept You In My Mind


You cannot know yourself
While the world sleeps in your arms.
Generosity will only teach
About everyone else.

The day that you are alone in a crowd
And your wet, wet soul is afraid to exist
Is the day you will find your place --
Your place in the big picture and the small ones,
Your place in the selfish streets,
And, if you so wish, your place
In the arms of the world.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

You Were Just Behind


Granted, we're proud of our passport;
Granted, you still have one good coat;
The collar has your initials --
Mother sewed them on;
And I've still got my aiming skills
From all the weekend birds we killed --
The holster's scratched with our dreams
But our shot at them has flown.

Your children and mine,
We know that they'll be fine.
We paid with our lives
For theirs.
Father, I believe,
Wouldn't be proud if he had lived
But we don't have the cash for splitting hairs.
So thank you, and remember, let me go;
And remember, don't you let it show.

There's riots in our childhood lanes,
There's kids smashing our windowpanes.
That's where you and I grew up.
It's worth nothing now.
No thanks to people in their chairs.
Mother's the only one who cares --
That's where she raised you and me
But the old home's broken down.

Your future and mine,
You know that they'll be fine.
We paid with our lives
For time.
You know our new place
Should've been our saving grace
But changing how we live our lives was crime.
So thank you for how you will run my show
Thank you, and remember, watch me go.

Monday, January 9, 2017

I Was Here All Along


When morning left, you quietly slept
Leaving me for dead,
For I'd died a thousand times
Inside of your head.

Read your Scripture. Keep my picture
As an afterthought
Or as murmured gratitude
For all you could've got.

Funny thing, how people sing
Of saints and holy men,
But don't see the chimpanzee
That learned to count to ten.
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