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Turn It Up.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

'Do you KNOW what you wrote?'

That's what my English teacher after reading this. Grade 6. Last poem of my official collection. Nowadays poems have taken a backseat for prose. Sometimes I do get stuff in my head, and tiny rhymes and limericks always come and go. The one thing I haven't done but want to do is a haiku. But I just don't seem to be able to! 


In fear, I turned my head.

When the voice of cruelty thundered
My heart was left sundered.
Before I knew it, they all were dead.
The banner of hatred unfurled,
                                                I thought I was alone
In this wide world.

It left my life in smolders.
I knew that for me in store
Was duty, I knew not more.
It was all upon my little shoulders.
The boulder of revenge waited to be hurled,
                                                I thought I was alone
In this wide world.

Thence, I’ve known a lot.
All that came into view,
All that I had to go through—
The rules of life, to me, they have taught.
As I’ve grown, I have learnt
                                                That I’m not alone
In this wide world.                                          

For I know, as of my toil I reap the crop,
That I have been made
By the Lord so good and great
To be alone only on top;
The faith of my new people earned,
                                                Now I’m no more alone
In this wide world.                                          

And only nearly so at its top.
For even there with me,
                                And even above me,
Is He and only He
Who broke my fall,
                                Who gave me my all;—
It’s He, Who made me, me.

Woo! Quite spiritual! I wrote a tiny author's note to this when I published it on my FictionPress account. It's true and necessary, so I'll repeat: 'Inspiration credit to all fictional and real individuals who have faced such a life, braved everything, and emerged successful; all those exemplary bearers of God’s strength, on a small or big scale.'


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