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Turn It Up.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Monophobia 6 : Saving Grace

Saving Grace

Leaping life in waking air
And trembling tendrils in its care
Remind the moon
In cold cocoon
Of all that's fond, of all that's fair.

Everywhere, the dewdrops' grief
Gives new life to bud and leaf
And ancient eyes
Of new surprise
Open again in warm relief.

Sun and mist, in playful chase --
Soft caress, and strength, ablaze,
On heavens breast --
Are sweetly blessed
By tired morning's fawning gaze.

Hat-tip to the butterfly people.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Monophobia 5 : Singularity


Canvas over the thinnest bones
Of that which used to be
Carries tales of preening tongues
That claim to have known me.

No hard feelings, stories old,
And names, no offence meant!
History repeats, for destiny,
Is cruelly, again, dealt.

There's something beautiful about small poems. Something... matter-of-fact and peaceful, I think.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Monophobia 4 : Insomnia


My kind of folk sure relate --
Tunnel-end vision, it's all going great,
Clips and clicking,
Tick-tock and ticking,
So fond of the game I can't think straight.

We wanted a bite, but it's too late --
My phone's already on a different date;
We're betting on the bookie
For a midnight cookie,
Too fond of the life to be thinking straight.

You were warned many times but it's your fate --
You bit off too much, now chew your plate.
The night is young,
We're all high-strung,
Too deep in love to be thinking straight.

Sorry for the last line, people with girlfriends and boyfriends and shit. This poem is about staying up late with friends, LAN gaming and snacking on junk food. What is love?

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Monophobia 3 : Freak


Mother's boy, don't hate her bed;
For it's there, when men are gone,
That blood is shed and the world is born.

Moonlit incantations rise --
Forbidden words, in rings of trees --
The world can breathe, in precious peace.

Be it weapon or a tool
She and it will cleanse it all
And Mother's boy, boy will you fall.


Thursday, November 3, 2016

Monophobia 2 : Brightness/Contrast


The smell of light burns so strong, that
Dark minds feel unseen;
Laughter rings so commonplace, that
Sadness feels unclean.

Fire reigns, and prideful heat
Lets no frost feel love.
Souls ensconced in fireworks
See no stars above.

The walls erupt in happiness.
Tears will stay away
Lest they douse your Catherine Wheels,
Lest they ruin your day.

Diwali, depression and dogs.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Monophobia 1 : Legacy


Why do these keep coming back, Mummy?
Why won't they leave me alone?
There's a ton of things that I've gotta do
And the King of the World is on the phone!

I've had too many a heartbreak, Mummy,
And it's been a very long day;
It was hard to believe the numb machines
But I think I'm going their way.

I thought you'd touched my forehead, Mummy,
And I reached out to hold your hand
But your hand just changed to fairy tales
And you, to dreamland.

Mummy, it's a whole new world away,
But I've told the boys around here
That my Mummy is precious, and ferocious too,
And they've Heaven and Hell to fear.

There's Doctor Who, Pikachu, Batman, Runescape, Durgapur and CMI behind this poem. Don't ask.
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