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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Terrible, terrible mistake

Like the few past years, this year too I answered the Olympiads conducted by the Science Olympiad Foundation. They designate a common roll number for all of their Olympiads for a particular student. When I answered the National Cyber Olympiad, I came to know that my individual roll number was 020, and placing it accordingly after the school and class codes had also worked when I checked the NCO results from their website. I also answered the National Science Olympiad organized by them, and the results were due today.
Why me, guys?
Due to an overloaded server, I had to wait for long before I got access. And the wait ended in a dreadful shock; the name, information, and result of another classmate of mine was displayed under my roll number. I rechecked the NCO results; there was no error on my part. Thanks to their overloaded servers, the tedious task of trying out all (about 001-070) serial numbers of my school and class has become a near impossible task -- half the times the servers can't be reached. And because of the overload, they have taken down the rest of the site temporarily, cutting me off from their contact details. Now I can only wait and hope that I do get my result. A fair result? I don't know if that's too much to ask for, given the terrible mistake they have made. And if the present condition of their website is any indication, I am not the only sufferer.

*follow-up: Today (23rd) the overload is gone, and I tried every serial number in my category till I found mine at 029. My All India Rank is 110, School Rank is 1, and I am selected for the second round. However, I cannot breathe easy, because this mistake may cause me further problems, and also because of the mistake I cannot be absolutely sure that these results are mine, even though I've been ranked this high (and better) before.


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