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Turn It Up.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Travians Rehab

I'm back from the Travians rehab that the universe forced on me. A series of troubles plagued my cyber life for some weeks, and I used it against myself as an excuse to quit Travians as I'd been meaning to for a long time. I quit for the same reason i quit Travian: I don't like playing unless my efforts bear fruit, and in these 'peopley' games the others whom you inevitably need to succeed have lots of expectations from you. So there, nothing but RuneScape now. That is one multiplayer RPG I can play alone and still enjoy. I can't afford to tailor my schedule to gamers who have loads of time on their hands. Somehow, I don't know how. And forgive me for any missing y's in this post. That key is not working well as ants chewed on the spacer layer between the circuit and the keys. It's happened with the g and m before. I just need to get used to applying extra force on y as well.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

He fell on a log and found a root...

... a square root.
I fell on a link and found an awesome math webcomic Spiked Math. It's a comic, in colour, where all the jokes are based on mathematics. Being more topical, it is tougher to do (an understand) than general humour, but nevertheless great fun. The site comes with a commenting system akin to blogs, which often adds to the fun and results in follow-up jokes, and many non-math people can enjoy the comics because of others explaining it to them in the comments. The artist is Mike, who's own favourite webcomic is xkcd. He has a ranking system of other webcomics, and his list is a valuable source of more funny comics. He does his comics with MS-Paint: the art is not exceptional, but the jokes surely are.
Speaking of webcomics, I found several sites that regularly explain xkcd. Since there are several, you'd better Google 'explain xkcd'. There are similar ones for several other webcomics too. I'm serious, there really are. Really. I'm not being irrational here. I'm not pi.
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