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Turn It Up.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Gratitude 2 : Ordinariness

The first poem in the series was about unlikely friends. This one once again talks about high school friends, but this time I talk about the usual, perhaps too usual, people.

You would walk in
With your bag and bottle of simple colours
Your hair and clothes of simple design
And plop down beside me, and smile.

I would sit up
Your arrival letting me know that it was exactly
Five minutes to homeroom, and I
Would turn to you, and smile.

Half the time
You wouldn't get my 'cool' talk
And at other times, tired of the cool kids,
I would turn to you for support.

You never did
Anything unexpected or unpredictable--
Even your talents were old, time-worn attributes
Of the unchanging you;

Your sameness
Was the perfect foil to my entropy :
The randomness of soul, mind and action that defined
The chaotic, crazy me.

You were annoying
Boring even, because your constancy
Was not conducive to the rebellion of our age
And often I was pressed to agree

But today I am proud
To have known that courage
Which transcends the ordinary desire to be unique
And becomes unique in ordinariness.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Gratitude 1 : A Teenage Goodbye

The 'Gratitude' series will be a set of posts, primarily modern-style poems that don't follow too many rules. It serves the dual purpose of giving thanks to all the people I don't usually thank, and of forcing me to write more. The first one is based on the theme of unlikely friendships in high school.
A Teenage Goodbye

Thank you
For the laughter
For the love
For the support without judgement
And the unflinching loyalty.

Thank you
For hangin' around
Aloof, but observant
Conspicuous in your disinterest
In being seen or heard.

They said
That we didn't gel
That I cramped your style
And you ruined my hard-earned reputation
But we could care less--

And today
At the threshold
Of our new, exciting lives
I am glad I chose to be your friend
And you chose to be mine...

...And we
Chose not to give a s***
To their snooty opinions
And their skewed sense of morality
That cramped our style.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

To New Beginnings

Tomorrow I begin the last academic year of my school life. It will be the deciding year, and probably the most memorable year as well. It will also contain my 18th birthday, when I will formally become a grown-up. Keeping with the theme, my blog has received a grown-up-looking revamp, complete with the adult quality of taking responsibility showcased through a whole lot of customised coding. Here goes a big shout-out to every person on the internet who has ever written a tutorial for using HTML and CSS in blogging. I see the early sun changing colour now, and the next time it happens I will begin my life as a senior. At this last moment, I finally find myself calm and accepting of all the big changes happening right now. Wish me luck. I'll bid you good-bye with a screenshot of the blog and a list of changes:

  • Fonts -- Title: Gruppo, Description: Walter Turncoat/Cambria (screenshot shows Cambria), Post Titles: Gruppo, Page Text: Calibri
  • Sidebar -- Justified alignment, rearrangement of gadgets
  • Graphics and Colours -- Background: Speaker grille, Drop shadow in header, general colour theme revamp
  • Cool Coding Stuff: Hover-sensitive, transparent Navbar and Page Tabs; they also scroll down with the page.
I hope you all like it!
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