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Turn It Up.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fifteen, sorry

That was 5/15, not 5/17. We have fifteen exams in total. And now it's 7/15. Yay. Maths Paper I (Arithmetic) was so easy. I loved it. Bengali Literature was easy to answer but so extremely lengthy that we had to cut down on explanations. Nearly none of the questions were demanding short to-the-point answers. All in the range of 4 to 8 marks per question. 1 mark question means 1 line, but 4 marks always means half a page, or half a mark. And then there were those monstrosities carrying 7 and 8 marks and demanding more than a full page. Mind you, exam pages in my school are register-sized. And you should've seen the devilish delight on the face of our teacher when we reported back to her about the exam. We heard from the girls who take Hindi that the Hindi Literature paper was equally bad. Holy-moly, is this the famous class-8 slashing we hear about? Are we now in the middle of the very horror that creeped into our hearts and stole our souls away slowly as we crept up through middle school? Suffering, crying, praying, begging to be free, to be let into the freer realm of true ICSE knowledge and school domination. Class 9... oh. When I get older...


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