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Turn It Up.

Monday, January 3, 2011

After orange, a feasty yellow.

(Referring to this post)
Goddess Saraswati

Just trying to cheer myself up in spite of the holidays being over and the exams around the corner. Yellow is the colour that the Hindu Goddess of Learning, Saraswati, is said to love. The day when we worship her, falls in early February this year. All in all, yellow is lucky for the exams. Yellow is also my mother's favourite, and the colour of lemons, which I love. My modem's link light, the cover of my PC,  my mother's bookcase -- all are different shades of yellow. The midday sun is yellow, and the midday sun is wonderful in winter. Bright shades of yellow make a room look bright. My cross-stitch-on-mat-cloth keyboard cover that I made in 4th Grade has a yellow base. One of my favourite craft pieces, a tiny collage-like thing that rests on my mother's bookcase, is also done on yellow cloth.
My favourite kind of bananas are yellow. Ripe sweet-limes are yellow inside, so are many varieties of ripe mango. Yellow is warm, comforting, and beautiful. Sunflowers are yellow. Yellow is one of the colours of marigold, calendula, chrysanthemum, carnations, dandelion and rose. Yellow roses stand for friendship and trust. Turmeric, a spice with great medicinal and antiseptic properties, is yellow. Many beautiful fish and are yellow. Beautiful birds like the golden sunbird and canary, and several species of birdlings are yellow. Bathtub ducks are yellow. Honeybees have yellow in them. Eggs yolks are yellow. The barren beauty of the hot deserts comes from the endless stretches of yellow sand. That cute Pokemon Pikachu is yellow. So is his previous evolutionary stage, Pichu. Yellow bell peppers and zucchinis are pretty vegetables, and the most popular smileys are yellow. Leaves turn yellow in autumn, and autumn is when the most important Bengali festival comes. Yellow is the colour of gold, sulphur and many precious stones like the yellow sapphire. And the latest colour of my blog background.


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