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Turn It Up.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Wallpaper 51 & 52

Woot! Wallpaper update after long time!
#51: First wallpaper made with my portable Photoshop CS2. However this one doesn't use much of the CS2 magic, except of course the ease that comes with a more inclusive interface. The base of this wallpaper is the cool zoomed pixels idea I got from Vladstudio, which I found through Vandelay Design Blog. I've learnt some other cool things from different websites in all this time: some ideas, some techniques...
#52: ...which have been used to make the next wallpaper, one of the rare ones which I actually have thought out a bit. It uses two prominent new techniques from Vlad: fast hair technique for the monsters and a nice sequence of effects from his Diving wallpaper for 3D leaves. I consider this one of my best wallpapers. After making the monsters and leaves I was completely lost about the background. I was playing around with gradients when I hit upon the default gradient having the base's blue-green colour and white. I used it in conical, and got this base by chance. That brought me back on track, and I added the yellow part of the back, the rainbow, and the little greenish filler in the upper left corner. And, done! I'm really, really, really, happy with this one.

Friday, March 23, 2012

School Pupil Leader!

 I had to wait to post this because of my previously stated browser issue -- I'm happy to announce that the students of Classes 8 to 10 and the teaching staff of CCHS have elected as the School Pupil Leader for 2012-13... ME!!!!!! Highest student office. Whoa.
I used this public domain image for the campaign
After I was nominated, I contested the elections with 'The High Five' as my symbol. I won with 159/355 valid votes, out of four candidates. Other results; 98/355 (Assistant SPL), 80/355 (Discipline Minister) and 18/355 (Activity Minister). The rest of the School Cabinet has also been formed, by the selection by consultation method. We will swear in on Wednesday, March 28. My agenda includes a cleaner school and a smoother Cabinet as the first things to do as SPL.
Also, I don't know if the browser issue is resolved permanently or not. So you may or may not see me more often.

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