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Turn It Up.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Someone remind me... complete my stupid Computer Applications project. not nod off while preparing for the coming exams. take my contributions to the Christmas celebrations to school on Monday. remember my Chemistry homework, which is already overdue. explain to my class-teacher that my hair looks non-uniform at the ends just because my plaits are tightly done at the corners and is actually cut straight at the bottom before she suspects I got something fashionable done. explain to my friends that I trimmed my hair before they make not-funny stupid jokes about it growing shorter or a rat gnawing at it while I sleep. finish my singing homework, which consists of pal-sig-ar (an abbreviation to remind me of the three things I've got to do, yeah, no need for you to understand anything more just tell me this phrase and I'll remember). wake up early. learn bicycling properly. pester Mom to enroll me for karate lessons. finish reading all the comics at xkcd (mentioned in previous post and that's why I have an excuse not to put the link). stop taking lazy decisions like above. log in to Travians RPG Monday evening for my new quest. drink water. bang the people across the road from the left side of my house for thinking they can sabotage my concentration by blaring loud music (that too music which I'd like if it'd be soft) at their daughter's wedding. not press backspace and spoil my work but to move the cursor to the place where the edit is necessary. not lose my cool even if people are wringing my patience dry as if it were a towel that was out drying when it rained outside (or the neighbour was cleaning his wall) and the owner slept. stop cleverly trying to make a to-do-list into a blog post and trying to kill both the Boring-Work Petrel and the Blog-Traffic Swallow with the same stone. stop boring my readers with tirades like this one, though I'm least likely to remember that among all these things. oh, well, never mind, I'll stop... but really please remind me to stop before I...(muffles herself and immediately breaks free, out of breath)... Any...hah-hah...way...hah-hah... (makes big lurching effort) SEEYA!!!!! (falls back and passes out).


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