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Turn It Up.

Friday, December 17, 2010

...and to think I threw it away

This was a poem I wrote sometime in Grade 6. I didn't like it, and stashed it away in some dinghy corner of a shelf. While cleaning out next summer, I found it and liked it enough to write it down in my poem notebook and publish it on my FictionPress account; and now on this blog. And to think... oh, I said that already.

A little girl was born
With a smile on her face.
Little did she know that she was just another contestant
In life’s long race.
As she grew up, she could not make out
Why she, so suddenly, was surrounded by fears.
She feared her teacher and the ghosts from the tales
That she listened to, eagerly, with open ears.
Then she came to know the reason—
She was getting on in years.

As she went on,
Accepting life as it was,
She found that the race got tougher
As she ran on forward for hours and hours.
Then as she became a young girl
There was suddenly so much pressure from her peers—
She didn’t have the means to buy a ‘magic pen’ or a ‘racecar’—
Her life was full of teases and sneers.
At first she was surprised, but then she remembered that
She was getting on in years.

Still she ran on
With her eyes on her goal
But she couldn’t understand why she ran the race of life, —
And in life, what was her role?
Soon she found herself a young lady
And her laughter had given way to tears;
Her parents didn’t want her to study further but to get married instead; —
When she refused, all she got were taunts and jeers.
She couldn’t make out, at first, why it was so, but then she was reminded—
She was getting on in years.

She began to hate the world
And fall behind in the race of life.
She lost her hope and decided that the solution
Lay in the kitchen knife.
She  buried her face in her pillow and cried,
Her face looked cruel and fierce;
She wrote a letter to leave behind, and plunged the knife
Into her heart. She had written in blood and tears—
“All was well, except the fact that
I was getting on in years.”
OMG. Morbid. The most scary and negative poem I've ever penned.


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