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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Interactive Session with Nobel Laureate

Today at my Mom's workplace, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry 1988 Prof. Johann Deisenhofer delivered a lecture on 'Structural Biology -- Achievements and Challenges'. As school students and other people without much background in the speacialised subject were attending, he gave an introduction and outlining of the subject itself, along with examples and diagrammatic explanations of some processes involved. 
He had visited the institute once before, back in 2005. Both the times, he was originally visiting Durgapur as a guest of Hem Sheela Model School, the founders of which, being scientists living in the US, often bring in eminent scientific personalities for the benifit of their senior students.
He was the Chief Guest at the function, while his wife, Dr. Kirsten Fischer Lindahl, a professor of immuno-biology, was the Guest of Honour. The founders of Hem Sheela Model, Dr. R. N. Roy and his wife Dr. Protima Roy were also present at the function.
Being an 8th grader, a lot of it didn't get into my head, but whatever I understood was awesome. At the end of the lecture, senior students from different schools and also the guests voiced their queries during the interactive session.


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