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Turn It Up.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Google Doodle goes 'GMMXIe'

You can't hold back the water sloshing down a waterfall, you can't stop yourself from getting older, you can't stop the days from slipping away one by one. You stare on helpless as days become weeks, weeks months, and when twelve months go by, you wonder how it suddenly became a whole new year. A year sounds like a pretty long time, and that's how it seems if you think of all the things you do in one year. Each day has 86,440 seconds, and so much that you do takes but a few of them; it's natural that in 86,440x365, you will surely do a lot. But still you wonder: was it all really that long ago? Did such a long time, a whole year, really pass? 
You can't stop the earth from moving around the sun and coming back to where it was 365 days, 6 hours, 13 minutes and 52 seconds ago. So you must accept it as it comes. Start when you wish, but the earth will come back to that place, after exactly that much time.
You can't wait for every new wave as the water crashes against the rocks before falling, you can't wait for your birthday to come and can't wait to turn eighteen, you can't wait for the next day when you go to bed every night. You take every day in your stride, enjoy the experience, and move on. As the days become weeks, weeks months, and twelve months are about to be over once again, you can't wait for midnight to strike and the New Year to begin. You amaze yourself by the amount of things you do in such a short time as just a year: you pass a grade, grow as a person, make so many important decisions, and cross milestones in your life. Sure, so much you do needs just a few seconds, and you've got 86,440x365, but you remember it all for long after it's gone, so it can't be a very long time, can it? And you wonder, did so many things fit into just a year? Did it take such a short time for a so much to pass?
You can't speed up the earth's movement. It'll always take 365 days, 6 hours, 13 minuted and 52 seconds to come back where it began, whichever starting point you choose for your year. So the Old Year will end, and you must accept that it's gone.
And you think like this every Gregorian New Year, every Bengali New Year, on Results Day and at the start of a new grade every Scholastic Year; you even feel like that when important annual occasions come along: Durga Puja, Christmas, and the birthdays of you, your Mom, and your friends. But you keep loving, hating, smiling, weeping, for another 365 days... and stop repeating the details already. We don't have the whole Leap Year thing for nothing.
And yes. It's just over one more year away... will the world really end in 2012? Well, it has just one positive: you'd be freed from answering School Certificate in '13 and Higher in '15. But then you'll miss college, and that's a big negative. New Year resolutions! You hate them, right? Because you think one doesn't need a whole New Year to change things. You can start any time. That's what you like to do. You think that if you can't change it at another time, you can't change it in a new January. But for the sake of your readers, make at least one: needn't be a New Year special, just a resolution -- don't, ever again, try to fit in unrelated information in a misfit subject for a blog post... 
Geez, I've been talking to myself again. You'll need one more resolution: never ever talk... oh, there I go again. Anyway, see you next year, take care, have loads of fun. And stay up till midnight. If you're an optimist, do it to ensure 2011 comes, or else to ensure that 2010 goes. And yes you're right, that's borrowed from a famous quote.


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