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Turn It Up.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


As regular readers know, our school won The Statesman Voices Festival's dance event; Today, I put up copies of the winner announcements that were up in The Statesman Voices,as well as that of the event report as it praised our school's performance. When I came out of class the next time, the second paper was gone! 

It couldn't have flown away, as it was pinned overlapping the first one, with a pin that was still there. So someone had removed the pin, taken the paper, and put the pin back on. Who could do such a horrible thing? Who could take away from the eyes of the whole high school the praises that our school's team had received? Was it a girl jealous of one of the participants, maybe because she wasn't chosen to be part of the team? Was it one of the teachers and Sisters who had made it difficult for us to rehearse, as they thought we were wasting time and skipping class, and was not happy about the win? Was it a girl jealous of me, or all the attention I was getting as a Voices Co-ordinator? Or an enemy of the other Co-ordinator in school? I don't think any worker did it; they would hardly know and even if they did they wouldn't have the spunk, even though they keep teasing us as we can afford an education and a uniform, and would naturally be jealous of an achievement like this.

Whosoever did this is part of the school, and this person needs to realise that though the announcement carries the names of those nine girls, the praise and the fame goes to the whole school: "...Following them was Carmel Convent High School with a classic and contemporary mix. With their energetic moves and synchronised lifts, they kept the audience enthralled...". It was utterly selfish and meaningless to remove it. All people involved and even you, dear unidentified bitch, who most probably weren't involved and made things difficult for us, are part of the glory. Chances are that you don't get glory often, so don't lose it while you have it, even though in the form of a minuscule fraction of group pride. How can you NOT be proud of a prize that kids of your school brought home?

Snide aside, though highly improbable, the intentions might have been good. But then why wasn't I informed? Even if the person is someone of authority, a teacher or Sister, I was in charge of this, and when something in my charge goes wrong, I feel horrible. Why should I be made to feel that way? That board is right beside my classroom. Couldn't the person walk in and say it? What was the reason for slinking away? Must have been the lack of intention to return it, eh? And if your intentions were good after all, why exactly wasn't the other paper removed? It looks like you had to hurriedly run away after taking the first one! I had no time to look into it, but I will do so. Please put it back tomorrow, and if your intentions were explainable, please explain them and attempt to realise that it was horribly irresponsible and impolite of you.

And, don't play tricks like placing it in my backpack and claiming I'd removed it and forgotten all about it or something. I wouldn't do that. And also, if it is found lying around like garbage, don't blame it on me: the particular someone just didn't want it on the board. No copy for themselves, because they simply are not proud of it. I'm going to put up another copy soon; let's see how many you can steal. Who are you, elusive notice-thief?

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