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Turn It Up.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Ho Ho Ho!

The following hit the inbox of everyone whose email ID I know. For those people whose IDs I don't have but who still are my faithful readers and friends...
Time to build snowmen,
Wrap your warm clothes tight,
Bake the Christmas cake and set
The Christmas Tree alight.

On Christmas we wish for all that's good,
And have fun around the Tree,
We enjoy our Christmas dinner,
Open gifts, and make merry.

Children wish they could stay awake
And watch Santa come and go;
But Christmas magic puts all to sleep
And no-one hears his 'ho ho ho!'

They say he really comes on Christmas Eve;
Rudolph showing the way --
Around the world he flies giving gifts,
The Reindeer drawing his sleigh.

I don't know if all that really happens
Like the age-old story goes
But I know that with Christmas comes such goodwill
That can even make friends out of foes.

Time to spread the festive cheer,
To forget and forgive;
Time to enjoy gifts and greetings
That we give and receive.

May Christmas bring you loads of joy,
And make all your wishes come true;
And may the New Year bring lots of luck
And good hope to you.

From the very deepest depths
Of a heart filled with hope anew,
I wish a very Merry Christmas
And a very Happy New Year to YOU!
Plus, a very funny 'scientific' explanation, true to the laws of Physics, of the existence/non-existence of Santa Claus: Can Santa Fly? from Carmi's blog. And if you are too lazy to click the link from there, here is the link itself.
Thank You, Gmail, for the emoticons. 
And, smudgy little impression of Rudolph the Reindeer as a Christmas Wallpaper. I gave him those beautifully persuasive eyes; because the ordeal he went through before Santa gave him his high post, for me, symbolises the suffering of every victim of discrimination of any kind. While the spirit of Christmas is still on a high, I plead to all to recognise the potential of those who are different and treat them, with humane respect, as fellows and equals; and to try in your own way to get them every right that the so-called 'normal', 'high-born' and 'blessed' have. At least, keep this wallpaper on your desktop, or a relevant message on your screen-saver, for a few hours of Christmas, and share it and its spirit.
Hoping cute little Smudgy Rudolph can egg on your to fight for equality and harmony this Christmas.



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