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Turn It Up.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spread Peace, Improve, Conserve Environment (SPICE), royal wedding

The environmental club of our school and sister schools. I joined. We're hosting the Congress, as I said before. There's going to be presentations, speeches, movies and whatnot. For 3-4 days. Wow!
Britain needs to get rid of the head-up-ass idea of hereditary privileges. In a proper world, no one gets power and privilege simply by virtue of birth. Their monarch doesn't need a driving license, did you know that? And then the whole publicity stunt with their private ceremonies. Spending six figures in the post-recession era. Commendable, Willie, commendable. I don't see how all the people in Britain worship some people, just like them, not because of ability but because of birth. Simply birth. And then the royals have some stupid rules: succession preference to younger brothers over older sisters, prohibiting royals from marrying Catholics... these Brits and more so their royals won't let go of outdated discriminatory ideas and anti-humanist practices. Stupid! I don't understand why every country in the world is so jubilant about a semi-bald armed forces guy from London marrying a pretty small-town brunette. Happens everyday!


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