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Monday, May 9, 2011

Exam trip to Kolkata, bad time in school

I got selected for the second (& final) levels of the National Talent Search Examination. All 286 selected students from my state had their exam centre at state capital Kolkata. I had to go earlier than needed because of the Election hogging all the transport. I went Friday evening, the exam was on Sunday. I missed the fun things I do, but then Mom and I stayed with my favourite uncle and his wife who also happens to be my favourite aunt and I tell you they're totally rad people. They're funny, and are gameaholics to boot. I enjoyed staying there as I always do, I played games on their computer and laughed the whole day. And... wait for it... good food! What else does one need? But then, there was this tiny glitch: yep, the exam. It was in two parts, and there was a time fiasco in my room in the first half, otherwise things were smooth. I also boarded the Metro railways for the first time. Underground! Yahaa! It was fun. Next Kolkata target: board a tram. Though I've travelled in Kolkata before, I'd never experienced the hazardous road life there -- catching buses by winding through stopped cars at the red light, wary of the signal turning green and doing other dangerous stuff like that. I came back Sunday night, dog-tired, dreaming of chicken rolls and way rad chicken curry and other nice foodstuff. By the way, the return bus served good snacks: cream biscuits, jhalmuri, and apple juice.
Now, I have a debate the day after tomorrow in school, and my classmates and teacher just forced me to participate, and of course I hate learning speeches, I only like speaking at the extempore contests. So bleh.


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