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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Swearing In

First off, sorry for the delay: my internet connection was interrupted by a storm yesterday.
So, yesterday, on the 25th of April, 2011, the School Cabinet for the Academic Year 2011-12 was formally sworn in. It was a solemn affair as usual, but being a part of it was on a whole different level than the usual awe. The badge of the Assistant Discipline Minister felt so heavy when the Principal first pinned it on. Each minister from 10th grade was sworn in along with their assistants from the 9th. I now have a nice neat blue badge with 'Asst. Discipline' inscribed on it in white capital letters: blue and white, the colours of our school flag, uniform and the monochrome version of our logo. Today we were called to the Principal's office for the distribution of duties. My 'boss' and I are to visit classes and rate their level of discipline so that they can be rewarded accordingly.
My badge
Also, this year is a special year as the Annual Convention of the SPICE club, the environmental club of all Carmel schools, is being hosted by our school. The Cabinet of course is expected to take charge of the organising along with the teachers. There's a whole lot to plan out: Students, teachers and nuns from so many different sister schools will be here, along with several dignitaries. We'll have to prepare hard: there's so much to do, planning events, decoration, welcoming, hiring, and a lot else. A whole lot of orders will be flying back and forth. And combined meetings will be held, with the Cabinet and concerned staff. There's loads of work to do, orders to give and follow, brainstorming to be done. I'm so excited that my junior cabinet year is going so well. I'm sure I'll learn a lot, and it will help me do my job better if I (hope so!) get a post next year too.


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