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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Good News, Bad News, and more

In our school, the School Cabinet consists of the School Pupil Leader, the Assistant School Pupil Leader, and the ministers from class 10, and the assistant ministers of class 9. And guess what? Yesterday I got one of the most important portfolios, the one which is sworn in right after the SPL & ASPL-- I'm the Assistant Discipline Minister! We'll be sworn in on Monday (25/4/11) and I'll get my badge.
That was, obviously, the good news. The bad news is, the editor and founder of Tinkle, my favourite children's magazine, Mr. Anant Pai, the guy who always insisted that kids call him Uncle Pai... he's no more! The latest (March) issue of Tinkle announced the news. It happened on 24th Feb. I feel bad for not coming to know of it earlier.
Also, today the little kindergarten kids at school were formally initiated into the school. As every year, the parents of the kids attended. The school doesn't watch the program. Just the senior students in charge, the nuns and the pre-primary teachers are present. So we usually don't get to watch any Initiation other than our own. I still remember my own one, back when I was four, and now here I was helping teachers during an Initiation as a senior student. The routine of the initiation has stepped up a whole lot, it's much better than mine was. New stage lights have been installed in the auditorium. Watching the initiation was loads of fun, helping the teachers conduct the event and going around giving instructions to the parents was a fun too. The most fun was missing SUPW (Socially Useful Productive Work, ie. crafts and stuff) class for it. However, there was a huge drama in the class which I came to know of later. The teacher was totally unfair and paranoid with everyone, however it isn't so much of a huge surprise given her previous records, though this one surely beats it all.
Also missed Value Education for the Swearing-In Ceremony Rehearsals. Yeah!


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