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Friday, February 11, 2011

Night, loud music, false relief

10:30 pm is the latest I've ever begun my daily sitting with my computer. I spent the rest of the evening finishing my General Knowledge syllabus. Stupid, stupid subject. In our subjective and narrow-minded education system, a broad subject like that, which brings up a lot of ambiguity into assessment, has no place. Thank heavens Grade 8 is the last time we're studying it.
Today there was a sitar concert that maybe I would've visited if my state of mind would've been any better than this murky mess I'm in. The loud music from a nearby wedding is not helping, especially because they are playing very popular songs wrong -- the cheap local band is playing those songs wrong that I can hum in my sleep, and is pulling my attention away from work. Also, they are way outside the public sound curfew, that is 10 pm. Nowadays many weddings and private ceremonies are doing this, in addition to public festivities and club parties. No one is stopping them; everyone knows how much trouble that sort of protesting can land you into.
I'm done with studying the first exam day's subjects: EE and GK; but I am somewhat relieved, as they are the most uninteresting to study. However, the relief is hardly rational, as I have a whole heap of studies left to do.
As I type, I'm way past bedtime, and the music is still irritating me as I race to keep up with my blogging routine. And you expect me to write something better than a simple update of my humdrum student life?


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