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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Saraswati Puja, Bio practical, Studying

Yesterday was the day when we worship the Goddess of Learning, Saraswati. All Bengali girls dress up in the traditional sari for the occasion. Like every year, I too wore a sari, and kept my books before the Goddess. After the Puja at my place, I visited some other Pujas. Last festival before exams, bleh.
Must submit 1/4th of a chart paper tomorrow, which we shall use on the day of the Biology exam for practical work if we are told to display the morphology and the structure of the shoe-flower (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis). I'm hoping I get the potato osmoscope question, though. It's easier. But then it involves more writing.
Must study! Bio syllabus is a hazard to life. We have to study half of it on our own, teacher says there's nothing in there to explain; I tell you there damn is! There's more to a subject than mugging up and scoring on one exam. What about when we'll have to apply that knowledge again?
Sorry for the short updates, I don't have much time on my hand at the moment.


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