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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Old drawings on Paint --1

There was a time, from my early days with computers in kindergarten to the day I learnt Photoshop, when I was very, very fond of doing my art on MS-Paint. I made loads of drawings -- some silly, some a little wiser. Some sensible and thought-out, some whimsical, some mere learning exercises.
Even today, when I look at those drawings I get a warm, fuzzy feeling in my heart; somewhat like nostalgia, except I don't use that word as it makes me sound triple my age. :D
They are an important part of my growing up, just like every other way of expression I've used to let my feelings out; however immature those feelings might have been. That is why, I decided to share them, where people who share my thoughts can have a look. Here's the first batch of them; feast your eyes. I changed computers, so I don't exactly have the chronological order, so they're going to be up randomly. It's a pity Blogger doesn't take .bmp files, so I had to convert them.
Writing in Bengali translates
as 'butterfly'
Shaky attempt at trying out my
hand-drawn designs on Paint
Translates as 'little girl', was the name
of my doll whom I tried to draw here


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