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Turn It Up.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Sky Company Finds Treasure

Clouds are stupid. We give them much more meaning than they actually have. Clouds are not meant to trigger our imagination. Clouds are not meant to inspire us. They are only meant to die for our crops.
Clouds are simple. They are not a backdrop for birds, or for our fantasies of heaven, or for our ideas of the endless. They are but meant to die so that someone can get wet and dance.
Many, many years ago, there lived a cloud that denied its destiny: and so it bore all the little showers of the spiteful wind and sea until it was far too burdened to move...
...and the rest is prosaic history -- on someone's window pane; in someone's drenched hair; mingled with someone's obscured tears. Hence we say: the story of the sky is well told; some truths are cloudy -- but those are best left to the clouds themselves, to be lost forever in rain.


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