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Turn It Up.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

6 am thoughts


Far away from home
No place to call my own
The ravens carry names and faces
From here to where you are.

The sun we see, the warmth we feel
Were never ours alone;
What is irreplaceable
Is what we used to be.

You found your dreams after you left
And once I left, I mine.
But mornings never begin without
Our ancient sunshine.

Sunshine! That bone of contention
That fails not to unite
And the rain that falls and falls
In spite of you and me.

The olden trees bear golden pods
That burst, and seeds fly far.
I wish that one lands on your yard
And the rain there gives it life

Then we'd gaze at mother and child
And realize how, new bonds despite
It's impossible to ever forget
What friends forever are.
To the past and present Durgapur guys and gals, specifically Shriyank and Nihal.


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