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Turn It Up.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Natural sequel to Childhood 7

 Best read after Childhood 7 : Indulgence.

Seating, However, Is Provided.

Primates of contention;
Genetics notwithstanding,
We pick up the pieces
Of storms exact in timing.
The sun and sky are witness
Of troubles left untold
By two kids vainly fighting
To grow independent, bold.
I guess it can't be helped:
Intellect notwithstanding,
Prophecies will never die
In frivolous rhyming --

You refused to leave my side
How much ever I cried;
And I ended up hurting you
How much ever I tried.

Messed with the wrong sister. -_-
Title inspired by CKB and Chintu's exploits in PJ land.


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