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Turn It Up.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Natural sequel to Apparitions

Best read after Childhood 1 : Apparitions.

Laureates speaking rousing words;
Honours, laurels, sweets galore;
Hats and coats and glittery robes;
Festoons across the party floor --

Questions and answers paused to think
Of dead beliefs and twisted fate;
Of olden charms, now waned and pale;
And revered wisdom, out of date.

Still cradling the starry night,
The words will sleep, no strength to spare.
Somewhere back on memory's ledge
Wheels will stall, in bad repair...

...the hour'll come when all the tales
Will write themselves into a rhyme:
Scooby will find all he seeks
In the depths of space and time.

Then, one day, the lights will dim
The trees will sway and the ghosts will sing
The glasses will, then, swell with wine
And then Scooby Doo will be fine.


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