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Turn It Up.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Fantasy 4 : We Are Young

We Are Young

His infinite eyes,
His comforting arms,
His hands held in mine.
The night is well heralded.

Sounds of the city
Matter less and less.
Crackling fire tells me
This night is going well.

Sitting where he feels me,
Wishing him good night;
I know it when I see it --
His closing eyes are peaceful,

Rhythmic breathing tells me
Darling, time is quick
Now my blood is rushing
The sound fills my brain...

...the red sun wakes us up.
I had something to do --
Ah, now I remember.
Well, that wasn't hard.

The day is well heralded:
Those hands clutch the sheets.
Those glassy eyes stay fixed on me,
I make sure he's seen me leaving.


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