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Turn It Up.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Break continues


There are abundant counterexamples:
Little bodies curl into themselves,
Cornered joints tremble,
Unpleasant surprise
Glues together eyelids:
When unstuck by tears,
They open to reveal
A newly unworthy world.

There's more:
Fingers, gnawed to the bone,
Grow back as weapons of self-destruction;
Mirrors look into children
And smile back as monsters;
Fairy tales are read aloud
To drown the story of mature triumph
Over humanity's last stronghold
Of questions;

Listening, nodding in clarity,
Scratching heads and leaping in epiphany,
Scholars polish their glasses:
They whiten blackboards
And blacken whiteboards;
The proof of love and safety
Remains irrefutable,
Rigorous in flesh and blood.


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