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Turn It Up.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Featured Rollblog 3

It's a blog where Adele Enderson from Helsinki posted innovative pictures of her baby Mila. She tried to guess her baby's dreams and arranged various stuff around her to depict it. All of her photos are masterpieces, and Mila's Daydreams is a Blog Of Note. The Facebook page also has loads of fans, and many people have done the same thing with their babies.
You must be puzzled by all that past tense in the beginning. Those stem from a really sorry affair which shocked me and many other fans of the blog. Adele's latest post contains a picture with a crying soft toy, with no baby in sight. She tells us in the post that she has faced serious copyright infringements, including people claiming her work as their own or removing her watermark and advertisements using her baby's photos without permission. Thus she has decided not to post any more daydreams. Her blog content will be of a more general nature henceforth.
I really wonder how people do such horrible things. Do they have no self-respect? These pictures are beautiful, and Adele's property. How can they claim it? How can they use the photos of a baby just for their own gains? Just like Adele said, I request you to take a look at the thumbnails she has provided of all her photos, and inform her if you see her photos being used, as she hasn't given permission to anyone; also, please boycott companies who use them in advertisements. Also, please read her book when it reaches your country. It's due in 2012.


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