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Turn It Up.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

For 3 : For Fun

Back on the For wagon. Read on!

For Fun

You know that fun guy
With the fun friends
Who does all those things for fun?
Things like 
Smuggling alcohol into campus,
Sneaking out at night to party,
Blackmailing his parents for the new iPad,
Selling leaked test papers,

Well, the other day at basketball
His shirt rode up for an instant
And we saw scars all over his torso,
Some fresher than the others.
Everyone thought what you're thinking:
One of his fun friends even said it.
But, knowing him, I'm pretty sure --
And I think, knowing him, you will agree --
That he probably just does it for fun.

I've never addressed this issue on this blog before, but if you know of someone committing self-harm, please get help. Now. Especially teenagers, do keep an eye on your friends -- and know that a) suicidal tendencies are not the only negative coping strategies to be worried about and b) a troubled mind is not always apparent. So be there for your friends, and ask a lot of questions about everything.


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