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Turn It Up.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Chile Inspires, Chile Teaches

They stayed there, fear hung low around them, for months which seemed like years. Down there, they couldn't afford to remember their differences. They had to share what they received from above ground, and to support each other the best that they could. That one man who had pathological training had to help the doctors above collect samples. A lesson in humanism and sharing.
So many people worked together to save them. Doctors, engineers, workmen, fellow miners, ministers... and so many more prayed in their homes for their safe rescue. So many even risked their own lives in the rescue. A lesson in selflessness, teamwork and compassion.
That girl didn't run off to find someone else when she heard that her boyfriend was trapped in the mine with very less hope for survival. She proposed to him via the messages they could send below, and now they're reunited and engaged. A lesson in love.
The Chilean President gave them hope and assured their dear ones of their safety, even after the ministries had lost hope. The miners, with a little help from the psychologists, never lost their zeal. A lesson in optimism and determination.
The rescue of the Chilean miners: a lesson in how trivial are those things to which we give so much importance in daily life; how, the feelings human beings have for their fellows, and the belief they have in themselves and others, are much more important; how the risk to life can, instead of bringing out the worst, often bring out the best in human beings; how, if we put in our efforts to the fullest, we can do the impossible.
Chile inspires to work and to hope, Chile teaches, "We can achieve".

--Inspired by a post on Written Inc.


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