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Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Wealth That's Ours

India hosted the Commonwealth Games for the second time, in the capital Delhi this year. In spite of some hiccups that come into any large-scale event, the Games managed to impress all those involved, from within and outside India. Though I didn't manage to catch the whole of them, the opening and closing ceremonies filled my heart with pride. What with that aerostat which dominated both the events, the wonderful way quaint India was showcased in the opening, and the delightful fireworks in the closing. And I think every compatriot of mine felt the same way as the Games brought pride to the hosting country, as well as to the rest of the Commonwealth, with the wonderful performances and breaking of records that we witnessed. The Games strengthened India's bid for the Asian and Olympic Games.
However, that isn't the point. The point is, what is that thing which separates a good worker from a spoilsport when people work together? The two kinds of people are there everywhere, be it a school project, a government or a major sporting event. Like in any team event, the two kinds both get their share of duties according to their abilities. They both are under the same supervision, same benefits, same troubles, and they both get to share the credit when the job at hand is done well. Then why?
I guess the reason lies in the different ways in which they view wealth. Some give importance to everything they can personally gain from the venture-- money, revenge, fame -- 'The Wealth That's Mine'. Mine, mine, all mine. Who cares if we all get good grades or our country gets praised? I want my money, I want her grades to be low. I care about me, only me, and no one but me. That's their solemn promise.
The other group cares only about the venture, the pride which can come to the lot, the grades which can benefit everyone involved -- 'The Wealth That's Ours'. Ours. Our country's pride and esteem. Our team's grades. Who cares if I make a few sacrifices? We get the praise! As a team, as a nation, as a group of people who worked together to make the impossible, possible. That's the pledge with which they set out on a job. And that is what brings success to their venture. That is what separates them from the spoilsports who ruin everything.
What is that? That is the real spirit of Commonwealth, which is nothing different from the spirit of teamwork that our elders taught us. Togetherness, realization that glory to one brings glory to all. India, next time you get to host something, remember this. People who're reading this in coffee break, next time your office gets to organize something, remember this. Students, remember this when you do team projects. Talking of near future, Glasgow, remember this when you host the next CWG.


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