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Turn It Up.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Small but Wise


Ride into the sunset. Alone, in a Lamborghini, over the dead bodies of all who ever wronged you.
But yes, remember Mom's advice and pack plenty of food and water to take with you. Perhaps also take a book. Everything is better with a book.

Speaking of books... I cleaned and rearranged the English section of my bookcase. I had to do some smart placing to fit my very inflated collection. It was overwhelming to think that every word in all those pages had held my attention at some very precious moment of my life; and to think that, for every book in this collection, there exist at least three books belonging to friends and libraries that I had borrowed and read; and in all of this I don't include any textbooks! Each of those books is reminiscent of lessons learnt and experiences vicariously lived that built who I am today. Seeing them all together drove home their importance to my identity and development as a person. My bookcase is rather cramped now, and I think I'll need a new one sometime. I'll do the Bengali section one day... it'll be another tumble of memories.


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