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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pujo 2011: Pet-Pujo (ie. fooood!)

Mahashashthi (sixth day of lunar waxing in the month of Aashvin, customary day for beginning the celebrations): Simple home-cooked food. Nothing worth mentioning. The next four days I ate at Buzz Court, the multicuisine food court in the new snazzy Junction Mall, which is the first proper mall here in my opinion. The others are shopping complexes, that's what I think.
Buzz Court is a hassle-free place. You get a debit card made at a counter for some round number, use it at all stalls, and take home the balance.
Mahasaptami (seventh day of the same): Buzz court has several stalls of different cuisines and types of food. On Saptami I ate chicken sandwiches from Pop Tates. Mom took veg sandwiches. I also ate a scoop of butterscotch ice-cream topped with M&Ms from the stall of the famous Cream and Fudge Factory, which is inside Buzz Court as well.
Mahaashtami (eighth day of the same): This day I ate a couple of tikkas and aloo paratha from Kebabilicious. Ice-cream was a scoop of chocolate ice-cream with white chocolate chips. Way to combine two choco tastes. :D
Mahanabami (ninth, obviously): I ate crispy noodles with soup and chicken momos from Shanghai Noon. Mum took some curry and kulcha from another stall along with her share of the veg momos. I finished with a scoop of sweet cream ice-cream with chocolate chips. Yum!
Bijoya Dashami (tenth lunar day): This was our totally Indian day, and we took food from Garam Masala and Kebabilicious. We ate dal makhani with aloo paratha. For dessert I ate a scoop of chocolate ice-cream.

We ate rolls from outside one of the evenings too, and Mom cooked good stuff at home. We also had stocked up on our dessert at home, making the Pujas a complete gastronomic delight. But my favourite part was the ice-cream from Cream and Fudge Factory.


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