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Thursday, October 6, 2011

The four days of SPICE -- Day 4

I don't remember what exactly I was dreaming about, but I was rudely awakened by one of my teammates. It was 6:25. Our Animator had already arrived, and Morning Prayer was at 6:30. Somehow, I tumbled out and freshened up, changed into jeans and ran to the auditorium. I spent the prayer sleepily, thankfully closing my eyes during meditation. Oh, I was so tired.
It was the last day, and there was a solemn undertone to everything. After the usual breakfast of luchi and potatoes, Sr. Sarita A.C. the principal of the Kharagpur school, gave a talk about 'Peace At All Levels', including Peace with God, oneself, others, and one's past and future. Then, after a break, we had the Skit event, with the theme 'Go Green and Clean'. Kharagpur came first while M.A.M.C. came second. Our skit was called 'Garbage Diet', and was an adapted (and Indianized) version of an American story where a family, at the urging of their youngest, goes on a drive to minimize their garbage output.
The Closing Ceremony was performed by Carmel Steel, with some performances from other units as well. Sr. Veronica Kamath delivered the Closing Message.
Then the memento boxes were given to the visiting units. The Carmel M.A.M.C. teachers received the trophy for the Best Contribution Award. At last, the time had come for the Overall Performance results to be announced. To judge this, each gold-winning unit was awarded 5 points, each silver-winning unit 3 points, and 1 point for bronze. Ties were broken with the number of consolation prizes won. (I'm not sure if there were any ties.) There were three beautiful trophies on the prizes table. One by one, M.A.M.C. principal, our dear Sr. Sudipta announced that 2nd Runner-Up was Carmel Jorhat, 1st Runner-Up was St.Agnes Kharagpur, and the Best Overall Performance trophy went to... Carmel M.A.M.C.!!!!!!!
We screamed so much, and clicked so many photos. Each of us clicked a photo with the trophy. Beautiful, right?
Carmel M.A.M.C. Principal Sister Sudipta and Animator Ms. Soma holding the Trophy, with some of the Carmel M.A.M.C. attending unit, in the Auditorium.
(Five of the attendees including myself are not there in this one, I don't have the other photos yet)
Then there was a special lunch of fried rice, chilli chicken, and sweets. Departure was sad. We bade goodbye to many new friends. Last minute exchanges of contact details were done. Borrowed items were returned, lost items were found or mourned. :P Bags were frantically packed, and then at last we left, with heavy hearts and indelible memories.


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