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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wallpapers Yay

Surprise, surprise! The 25th wallpaper, that I made long ago. Done by combining different brush modes. Not completely satisfactory for me, but I quite like it. And as you must have noticed (you haven't? really?) there is a separate page with all my wallpapers now, that I'll keep updating as I post. However, the Blogger post editor hates me, so it screws up a lot of the formatting and positioning I do. So most probably I'll only update in twos, that is this one and the 26th will go up together after I've posted that one. But still I'll try putting this up on it's own. Let's see. Um... yeah. I have done a 26th wallpaper. I'll post it sometime.
My dream about this wallpaper thing is to make a nice workable interface on the Wallpaper page when I learn to code well. Then maybe we'll have a search function. And sorting, maybe. Till then the wallpapers are sorted on that page recent-up. But yay, now you don't have to click the Wallpapers label and go through all the posts if you want one of the old wallpapers.


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