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Turn It Up.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oh man.

First things first, my internet bummed out so I couldn't talk about exams.
So, Maths II sums were easy but horribly lengthy. And I had a tummyache during the exam. Chemistry was pretty good, not too long, not too short. But there were some outside-syllabus questions which were replaced or converted to optional questions, however our teacher said that it was 'too basic' and we were all 'spoonfed children' for complaining about it. Is she crazy? Effervescence is easy to understand, but difficult to express on paper. A quick read from the book would've been enough for the answer to stick in our heads, yes. But did she ask us to read it? No. It carried two marks. Did we have enough time to sit there and think and frame an answer? no. There was one more similar question, and then there was an experiment. A whole experiment! Outside-syllabus! Experiments mean diagrams! We can't draw diagrams impromptu, without revision!
Really, not fair, don't you think?
So... 4 papers left. 11/15 done.


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