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Friday, November 19, 2010

Vibes 2010

As regular readers might know, I'm a student co-ordinator of a newspaper supplement managed entirely by people like me (kids from Grades 7-12), except for a few adults involved and the ex-coordinators who pop in to help. For those who don't know, the newspaper is one of the leading dailies here --The Statesman. And the supplement in question comes on Thursday, it's called Voices. We Voices Coordinators meet at the Statesman House in Kolkata regularly, though living outside Kolkata I don't manage to attend all of them. Anyway, there's an inter-school fest organised by Voices every year, called Vibes, and it's the oldest in Kolkata and all around. It always spans a weekend, and we coordinators have extra fun-- we not only bring our schools to take part and enjoy the events, but we also organise stuff, get free lunch, flash our cards around and feel important. Actually, we ARE important there. We run the show. Snigger, snigger. The event details for this year are here. I'll try to put up a picture of the poster, as the coloured and fancy stuff is not up on the website.
If anyone reading this is in a school that can possibly participate, please keep your eyes on The Statesman next late October. Keeping your eyes on this blog is an alternative to the above, of course, but you won't see the nice colourful stuff here. Adios!


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