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Monday, November 29, 2010

Vibes 2010, Great Success!

The Fest went very well, and the rock band Fossils rocked the stage, though I couldn't stay to watch it as I don't live in Kolkata and had to return. I worked and enjoyed much more than last year. I made friends with many fellow Coordinators and Ex-Coordinators whom I was hitherto distanced from. I anchored part of the band event, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Some seniors appreciated the fact that I was anchoring on what was only my second time at Vibes.
Among other things, I was on duty to stay with the judges for debate and MusicKazaam, and I also had duties at the Quiz prelims. I enjoyed carrying coffee to the judges and getting Brendan MacCarthaigh's autograph. He runs an NGO to help students, called Serve, and writes a column of the same name on The Statesman Voices. I'm a big fan of his, and I was overjoyed when our editor Ms. Gopali Bandopadhyay introduced me to him. I also obtained the autographs of the regular Sarekya hosts, RJs Rakesh & Pragya, which I was too nervous to approach them for last year. I also enjoyed flashing about my card a lot more, and somehow I got a lot more respect from outsiders, must have learnt to carry myself better!
As a bonus, our school (Carmel Convent High) WON the dance event! WON WON WON! YAY! I really can't believe it.
The band event was won by Calcutta Girls High, who had an unconventional band and made great music out of buckets, flowerpots, cartons, bottles filled with grains, a basketball and even their own cheeks. Husena Dhariwala was selected to be the Best Co-ordinator this year, and Shreya Mallika Dutta was the Best Writer. A coordinator, Rohan, won the Best Actor award in the Drama event. Coord Tirna was runner-up in Extempore, Best Speaker on Debate, Winner on Gallery Photographs AND runner-up in T-shirt Painting.
The Coordinators' T-shirt was fabulous this time. It was black, and bore Vibes 2010 in front, and The Statesman Voices at the back! Logo and all!
You will read the event reporting and all the details if you're reading The Statesman Voices this Thursday, ie. 2nd Dec, 2010. Or, you can follow the link above.
On the second day we took group photos on the stage, one with the present coordinators in it, and the others with everyone: present Coords, the attending Exes, our editor, distribution manager, everyone. You'll see it in the paper too! Some Coords took photos on their own cameras too. Avro took it there itself on stage. Srishti, my schoolmate, took it later backstage, and though all the Coords weren't there, Gopali ma'am and Suman Sir joined us in that one.
Though I lost my favourite pen and the chicken on the first day's lunch was undercooked, it didn't matter much. I was feeling horrible when I had to come away. I said my goodbyes to everyone, shook hands, people expressed regrets that I wasn't on Facebook, and I knew that I had made my place in the Voices family. I felt elated: at my second Vibes, I felt the Voices spirit seeping in completely; it's overwhelming, enveloping, it's the best thing in the world and I wish it would go on for ever. But yes, it'll come back next year. And the next and the next yet... !
Aschhe bochhor abaar hobe! Vibes ROCKS!!!! Voices ROCKS! WE CO-ORDINATORS ROCK!!!


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