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Turn It Up.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Your Daily Dose Of Reality, You're Welcome

Best read after the original (full version).

Yours Celestially

Twinkle twinkle, little star...
...why'd you have to be so far,
Smiling down from a big blue dome
At a sobbing child in a broken home:

A parent ill, and another gone
To a place that no sun shines upon?
That shameful day, could not your light
Help the toddler in that fight

'Gainst the traveller in the dark
Huffing away at childhood's spark;
Or the woman, gagged and bound
And naked, on the roadside found?

In the dark blue sky you keep
While, through windows, perverts peep.
Poor men die as rich men kill;
You stay twinkling, distant still.

But not for long, for people wake
Soon they'll know how starlight's fake --
So twinkle, twinkle, selfish star!
Now the world knows what you are.


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