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Turn It Up.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Wrote last semester, found it now

In that twilight zone when it is day outside but night inside, avoid the element of secrecy -- scrutiny is your friend. When even the din of labourers hammering sheet metal reminds you of drumbeats back home, fill your lungs with a full breath of your purpose, and live like the sand is yours.
When heroes fail you, look upon the ordinary and the imperfect around you. Look at them, and see how their lives are as pockmarked with vices as yours. They work in unsure bouts of guilty energy, take their ill-earned wages home, watch porn and go to sleep -- and yet, you will never find any more honourable, any more gracious, any more caring, and any more trustworthy.

The above is admittedly a flawed piece. I chanced upon it, a pencil scrawl across a part of my algebra notebook, that I had shared with just one person and then forgotten to even type up, let alone publish. The time of its original inspiration being long past, I have chosen to leave the content unedited except for punctuation.


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