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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Childhood 4 : Conjuring (or Little Fibs)

Conjuring (or Little Fibs)

The wind would carry you someplace
And the sun would call elsewhere:
So, to lose your face with none,
You told some little fibs.

To the wind you said, "I'm too heavy",
To the sun, "I'm much too dark";
And to the world, "Take me or leave me,
Smoke and mirrors and all".

Your white lies were fooling no one
But the ones you loved the most.
Those who knew, were young and new --
They simply didn't care.

Your box of tricks had lights and smells
That thralled them days on end,
Your magic lighted many smiles,
And emboldened many a tread

But when, one day, you stole some rest
They saw your tortured face
And, with it, the tired world
As it truly lay

And they thought, "When we were broken
This kid cooked a fix;
To make our world less like his own
He brought his magic tricks --

And, maybe, in conjuring
Our world of serene nights
He weaved a story of loving lies...
...but he's sweet, so that's alright.


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