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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A Response, Long Overdue

In response to Grey World, by my former colleague Shriyank Mulgund.
Re: Grey World

My Sun is not a garbage fire.
The songs are not unfounded.
Surya Namaskar is not without reason.
It is lovely to look upon the world's ugly face
And scorn it in disdainful detachment.
I've seen your Grey World -- you showed me -- and I don't like it
I don't want to live there.
I don't even want to visit you there -- I think

All you do there is sit in the rain
Until it obscures the ugly world into an illusion of comfort,
Until you meld with the world's ugliness,
Until you resign to the status quo,
You foolish coward.
And then you berate my Sun!
My Sun that comes for no asking, stays for no love,
Leaves for no spite -- while for your Grey deity, you hope and beg
Hope it comes, beg it stays, never knowing... you enjoy not knowing? Do you like waiting in uncertainty,
Like some stupid tower-bound princess?
Do you like being made a fool of, you masochist goat?
Your Grey World is a freak occurrence, an aberration,
Like you. Ah, now I see the appeal.

But understand -- try to see.
Can your Grey World define time?
Can it make day, night, weeks, months?
Would you not like to worship That,
Which builds years, ages, eons...
...That Which Was There Before?
Look upon my Sun for once.
Look how it blinds your fears,
Look how it shows you the Truth of Everyday
And the Absolute Hope of Forever.
Look, and you just might like it
You just might like the feel
Of sunshine on your shoulders,
And in your soul.

You might even want to stay!
You might want to abandon Grey World
And live under the Sun!
Or even if you don't,
You might want to come back
From time to time.
You might want to linger after the rain is gone
You, and a Grey cloud or two
From that World you showed me
Where there is no direction,
No black, no white, no identity,
The World Which Came After,
The World of Perpetual Rain,
Where the sounds never change,
And where time stands still --



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